Beyonce just took over the world

Beyonce just took over the world

7d9b30e8a4c40f62d30075aaf3544cfcToday, Beyoncé was named by TIME magazine as one of the most influential people of the year. Then, they put her on the cover.

Talk about boss status.

Ben Naddaff-Hafrey over at PolicyMic said this is evident of Beyoncé’s status as an “unimpeachable cultural icon” and I could not agree more.

Beyoncé is a maverick. She’s a maven. She is a force to be reckoned with. She’s strong. She’s tough.…

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Stop policing Black women’s feminism

Stop policing Black women’s feminism

Marina Hyde just ruined my day.

Just kidding, she didn’t ruin it. But she definitely provided me with new writing material thanks to her bombastic article for The Guardian addressing Beyoncé’s feminism published on Thursday.

Hyde’s piece dissects Beyoncé’s feminism and her essay on gender equality, which was published earlier this year in The Shriver Report. She juxtaposes the essay’s material to…

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10/30 - national poetry month

10/30 – national poetry month

When I was younger, I had a pair of burgundy pants that I loved very much. 
They flared at the bottom and they were a perfect fit. 
I wore those pants damn near everyday. Those pants were comfortable. Those pants were an extension of myself. 
But soon the pants got old. They became worn out. They went out of style. I outgrew them. 

Kind of like I’ve outgrown you. 
As much as I loved those pants, I had…

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9/30 - national poetry month

9/30 – national poetry month

Give me my life back 
Stop allowing all the negativities to infiltrate my thoughts 
Stop allowing… 
And just like that the inspiration is lost again 

It’s like I have moments of inspiration that are beautiful and then they leave 
I would love to regain my mental clarity 
I don’t want life to bog me down with its problems 

Where did my creativity go?
Did it get lost under all of these hats I must wear?

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8/30 - national poetry month

8/30 – national poetry month

Dude, give it up 
I’m not interested in you 
Your credentials and resume don’t impress me 
I’m not intrigued by your personality 
And I’m not captivated by your conversation 

You see whenever I meet a man, I’m looking for a spark 
I’m looking for a click 
I’m looking for a chemical reaction that I have never experienced when encountering someone else
I’m looking for someone I can rap with
Someone I can…

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7/30 - national poetry month

7/30 – national poetry month

A haiku 

Sleep overtakes me now 
I am always so damn tired 
Needed: graduation

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6/30 - national poetry month

6/30 – national poetry month

It seems as though I’m lacking inspiration these days 
My life is so busy and I can’t really wrap my mind around anything except you 
You and that smile that used to keep me so calm 
You and all your imperfections 

I experience withdrawal symptoms when I haven’t taken in your breadth in a while 
I get irritable. I get antsy. I get flat out angry and mean. 
I overeat. I worry. I cry.

Or maybe that’s…

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5/30 - national poetry month

5/30 – national poetry month

This is recycled but I’m super tired and way behind on my poems. Plus I like this one soooo here it is.

It’s like I spawned from your rib.

It’s like I’m your missing piece and you, you’re my missing whole.

It’s like I was created from a little portion of your soul that you only get back when you’re with me.

It’s like I complete you.

It only took Jah 6 days to finish his Paradise.

And it only took…

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gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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The good vibe